The PRA was formed in the early 1980’s and has been through numerous changes over the years.  The membership is diverse and many different riding disciplines are represented.  Members have  nearly always found common ground while trail riding and enjoy the social aspects of riding with others who share their love of horses.

The PRA meets at least four times yearly to conduct business and for  special programs.  Usually outside speakers are engaged.  In recent years the programs covered a broad range of topics from horsepacking techniques, acupuncture, chiropractics, massage therapy, to saddle fitting, lameness, first aid, etc.  The club has also hosted several clinics including an annual fun day.

E-mail bulletins and Facebook posts keep members informed 
about upcoming events.

2018 Board of Directors
Amy Potter, Pres

Janice Davis, Vice President

 Kathy Geyer, Secretary

Sandra Church, Tres.

Donna Jeffress, Director

Toni Sleeme, Director
PRA Trail Ride and Camp Rules  - click here
This page was last updated: January 5, 2018